Our Operational Guidelines

Our partners are subjected to rigorous due diligence before their sponsorship requests are accepted. Projects are also actively monitored and evaluated before funding and support is released.

If you would like to become a partner, please use the ACA Foundation ‘scorecard’ below as an evaluation guide:


  • Does your organization encourage ethical business leadership?
  • Does your organization create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive?
  • Does your organization contribute to nation-building?
  • Is there synergy between your organization and ACA’s business goals?
  • How can ACA help support you?

Leadership & Governance

  • Is management qualified and experienced?
  • Do you hold two or more board meetings per year?
  • Does your board have two or more board committees with special sector focus?

Financial Accountability

  • Has your organization written financial controls & limits, and accounts for all expenses?
  • Does your organization undertake annual independent financial audits?
  • Does your organization produce interim budgets and annual reports?

Measuring Impact

  • Your organization uses an internal measurement framework to track ‘Key Performance Indicators’?
  • Your organizational goals are realistic and measurable?
  • Your organization operates a clear monitoring and evaluation strategy?
  • Your organization measures program outcomes against benchmarks or averages?
  • Your organization surveys beneficiaries on program quality and impact?


  • Your organization’s 1-5 Year Plan has concrete milestones and deadlines and is updated annually?
  • Your plan is realistic and based on past results or matched to growth trends?
  • Your organization’s SWOT Analysis presents concrete ‘Opportunities’, two or more Weaknesses/Threats and specific plans to address them?
  • Your operations can be scaled up to expand into all ACA host communities and would benefit from this expansion?


  • Your project is sustainable in the long term?
  • Your organization’s income from sustainable activities has increased?
  • There are long-term opportunities for continued ACA involvement beyond financial contributions?

African Capital Alliance Foundation