Program Areas

Entrepreneurship. Ethical Leadership. Good Governance.

Increasing Entrepreneurship

An enabling environment in which businesses thrive should include young people with the right entrepreneurial mindset, exposure to effective entrepreneurial education and training, access to capital and friendly macroeconomic policies that enable innovation and entrepreneurship.

Therefore, we support organizations working actively in these areas as part of our efforts to raise conscientious business leaders capable of contributing meaningfully to the development of society.

Increasing Ethical Business Leadership

We believe that if we support the right people doing the right things for long enough, there will be a positive, tangible impact on society.

As such we are committed to sponsoring organizations who understand the value of ethics in business and are actively working to promote these principles in young aspiring business leaders. By so doing, we hope to influence the practice of ethical business leadership and effect positive, long lasting impact on society.

Increasing Good Governance

Good economic reform is attained when government, private sector, and public-sector players are constructively engaged on key development issues.

As such we support organizations that have a successful track record of fostering public-private sector dialogue thus creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

Involving our Partners, Staff and Stakeholders in Nation-building Initiatives

We achieve the greatest impact by volunteering our time and expertise to our partner organizations. We achieve scale by leveraging our networks and connecting our partners with those that can help them achieve greater impact still and improve every African nation that we operate in.

African Capital Alliance Foundation